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About Us

Led by two Partners, Paul Kibuuka and Krispinana Shirima, Isidora & Company Advocates is a premier corporate, commercial and financial law firm based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Our team of experienced, well-connected and knowledgeable lawyers works every day with enthusiasm to provide the most effective and efficient legal services for our clients to achieve their goals and guide them through exciting as well as difficult times.

We have a mix of experience and backgrounds in law, economics, business, and accounting in handling everything from straight forward to complex legal issues across a broad spectrum of industry sectors.

firm overview

Based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Isidora & Company Advocates specializes in the fields of corporate, commercial and financial law. Rapid changes and developments in the legal systems require you to seek legal services of the highest quality. Isidora & Company Advocates is experienced in providing valuable assistance in Tanzania’s business legal environment to cater to your needs and expectations.

Our team is ever ready to serve you with the best-in-class service and in the most courteous, professional and proactive manner that you could expect. At Isidora & Company Advocates, we are committed to providing unparalleled legal services to you.

Our many diverse connections with the Central Government, executive agencies and public bodies in Tanzania and East Africa allow us to stay up-to-date with legal and regulatory changes and developments that are likely to impact your business, project or investment activities.

our goal and vision

Isidora & Company Advocates is intended to become an enduring law firm with an unwavering sense of responsibility in our role as corporate, commercial and financial lawyers. Faced with a fast changing world, where information has become a valuable asset, we are ready to meet your needs and expectations and to provide excellent services on a standing basis, building the relationship with you upon trust, reliability, readiness and effectiveness.

From its establishment as a corporate, commercial and financial law firm, Isidora & Company Advocates is known for its fierce independence, competence and integrity. We are cognizant of the tremendous prospects for Tanzania and East Africa in this and the coming century, and we envision ourselves as partners in the exploration and realization of these prospects. We are poised and eager to fulfill this role. We believe in realizing great possibilities. With our relentless drive for excellence and expertise, Isidora & Company Advocates is well-equipped to confront the challenges of the future.

our affiliates

Isidora & Company Advocates has established strong affiliations with other premier law firms in key business centres of the world, including London, New York, Washington D.C., Beijing, Tokyo, Toronto, Dubai, Frankfurt, Geneva, Amsterdam, and Bangkok. This allows us to facilitate international business transactions and to react quickly to serve your best interests wherever you do business.